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Rafa, how are you? We are thinking of you.

March 17, 2023

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You are an amazing young man and you are just turning 12. Your first year at Harker is already outstanding and we are all very proud of your accomplishments - excelling in Math, Science and English. And coding too. You seem to be too hard on yourself. Don't be. There is no need for it. To be exceptional - among the top few, in all those four areas puts you already on the top one or two. Listen to your Mom and Dad - they are helping you find the right balance. This is important for your good health. Always remember, we all love you unconditionally and forever.

We had a very nice vacation with you all. We plan to visit you again before the end of the year.

For your summer reading, I left you a book that I hope you and your Dad will enjoy. I am a lifelong learner. About 15 years ago, I became interested in the search for "The God's Particle" - the Higgs Boson, using the largest, most complex, most advanced, most expensive machine ever built by man - the Large Hadron Collider. Its discovery was a worldwide celebration and a triumph for mankind. The two theoretical physicists, who 50 years ago, proposed the answer to the question why different types of matter (particles) - have different masses and some have no mass at all, were quickly awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics in the following year.  

The book I left for you is a fascinating read. It is a story about the amazing power of pure human thought - about the 12 or so brilliant minds who, between 1900 and 1920, discovered the atom, the nucleus, the electron and the fundamental laws that govern their interactions. They laid the foundation of quantum physics and without it, we will not have computers, cellphones, GPS, lasers, microchips, etc. We owe them and their discoveries all modern conveniences that make our life easier and better today. There is a $100 bill inserted in the last pages - for you to buy other books that you may want to read this summer.



Grandpa and Grandma

Remember, we are just a phone call away (609-HEARTMD). That's really easy to remember.

Anytime you find yourself putting unnecessary pressure on yourself or worrying too much, read this letter again.


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