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Patient Mentoring 2.0

Lipid Therapy is the Cornerstone of Heart Attack Prevention.jpg
4S .jpg
WIX - Statin - Eze Combination Therapy.png
JUPITER Trial.jpg
Early Onset of Benefit of Statin Therapy.jpg
FATS Trial.jpg
HATS Trial.jpg
POSCH Trial - Ezetimibe Therapy.jpg
Mild to Moderate Plaques Cause Most Heart Attacks and Strokes.jpg
Plaque Regression by Intravascular Ultrasound.jpg
Plaque Regression by High Speed MRI.jpg
Impact of Advanced Cholesterol Treatment.jpg
Safety of Statin Therapy is Well Established.jpg
COURAGE Trial - Patient Characteristics.jpg
COURAGE Trial - The Conclusion.jpg
Shorter Door to Balloon Time Does Not Save More Lives.jpg
Atherosclerosis is a Diffuse Systemic Disease.jpg
Capture - Internal Carotid Artery.PNG
Carotid Plaque Erosion, Embolization and Stroke.jpg
WIX - Plaque rupture.png
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