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900,000 Americans have already died since the pandemic begun. It is a calamity that we have not really processed yet completely. About one of every 330 Americans who were alive before the pandemic are no longer here - killed by the COVID-19 virus.


There is a longstanding epidemic here is the US that we have been trying to fight for many decades now. We have won the battles but losing the war against heart attacks. Every year, about 620,000 Americans have their first heart attack. About 200,000 die without reaching the hospitals. They are largely preventable.


Experts are forecasting an increase in heart attack after the pandemic ends. There are several reasons for this: patients are not having their usual follow-up, needed blood tests are not being done, medications are not being refilled, patients are not taking their medications regularly, diet is less healthy, lack of physical exercise and prolonged sustained mental and emotional stress from isolation and stress from work and family.


This is the reason behind our Save Your Heart Campaign. For now, we will start a virtual campaign and produced a series of short videos that are empowering for the public while also fighting medical misinformation and disinformation. You take charge and be responsible for your own health and well-being. We are here to help.  

Dr. deGoma Preventive Cardiology & Lipid Clinic

We stop your heart attack before it happens. Yes. This is the best approach.

Dr. deGoma's practice is the only preventive cardiology practice of its kind in New Jersey and surrounding regions. Dr. deGoma has over 40 years of clinical cardiology practice experience and over 20 years in aggressive heart attack prevention. His practice is also an advanced lipid clinic and the only one with two published performance data (2006 and 2016). His preventive cardiology practice is the only one that "turned off the faucet instead of just mopping the floor" and accomplished this feat over a decade ago. Compared to the average non-preventive cardiologists,  we save Medicare $8,790 per beneficiary with diagnosis of CAD and $6,499 per beneficiary with diagnosis of diabetes.

We (cardiology experts) all agree that heart attacks are largely preventable for over two decades now. We also all agree that the cardiovascular healthcare industry and the cardiology community's main focus is treating heart attacks, putting stents, doing heart bypass surgery but put minimal effort in seriously preventing them because of the large revenues that  generate.

In 2004, the president of the American College of Cardiology, Dr. Michael Wolk posed this questions to the members of the society: "So, why aren't all cardiologists preventive?"

Nothing really changed.

In 2015. the president of the American College of Cardiology, Dr. Kim Williams, Sr, said straight out - "It is time to turn off the faucet instead of just mopping the floor." Every physicians and hospital administrators knew what Dr. Williams was talking about.

COVID-19 already took the lives of over 750,000 Americans. Despite the availability of three US-developed effective, safe and free vaccines using the most advanced methodology available in the world, people chose to remain unvaccinated and unprotected becoming easy targets and hosts to the COVID-19 virus. Those who survived, acquired natural immunity. Some become long haulers.

This reminds me of the challenges of reducing the number of Americans having first heart attacks every year - around 620,000 unsuspecting victims.

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Both involves large human casualties - over 750,000 for COVID-19 and over 850,000 cardiovascular disease (heart attack is the major component of cardiovascular disease). Where the major difference is how massive the resources we allocate to combatting and ending the COVID-19 pandemic while only minimal resources to fighting the heart attack epidemic in the US.

Our Save Your Heart Campaign is our effort to call attention to the changes needed to end the heart attack epidemic.  

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European Society of Cardiology reported worse outcomes after a heart attack with more deaths and more heart failures.

What we are all about

  • Improving cardiac health and saving lives

We are launching our Save Your Heart Campaign. The COVID-19 pandemic has claimed over 750,000 American lives - that's second to the 868,662 deaths from cardiovascular disease.  2020 recorded the highest number of deaths in the US ever. The average life expectancy  has dropped for the first time since WWII due to the pandemic. We want to save more lives by educating the public that most heart attacks are preventable - that is the mission of Save Your Heart Campaign 2022.

  • Improving patient outcomes while reducing cost by innovating

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Coronary atherosclerosis is the goose that lays the golden egg. Why? Heart attack generates generates billions of revenues for a large cardiovascular disease care industry while killing many hundreds of thousands of Americans every year. Heart attack is now largely preventable and in 2001, we started our journey to heart attack prevention and developed care innovations to get most of our patients to optimal treatment goals that stop disease progression and even induce disease regression. 

Click here to watch a short video.

  • Helping end COVID-19 pandemic

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Anti Vax Radio Host Died COVID1.jpg

Anti-Vax Radio Hosts Dead

1 in 500 of Americans who were alive before the pandemic are now dead - killed by COVID-19 virus. Some died even when they did not have to because they refused the vaccine believing the misinformation spread by people (many of them have died too) who are pretending to be experts. Misinformation killed her and many tens of thousands like her.


We all want for our lives to return to normal but that can only happen once the pandemic is clearly waning. The COVID-19 pandemic has now become the pandemic of the unvaccinated and we are experiencing another surge. For those who are planning to get the vaccine but just waiting for the right time, now is your time. This delta variant is more contagious, more deadly and killing a younger population than before. Protect yourself, your family, your young children who are not yet eligible for the vaccine, your co-workers, your community.


I received my Moderna vaccine in January 2021. About 98% of practicing physicians are fully vaccinated according to a survey conducted by the American Medical Association. This is not surprising since compared to others, they have a clearer understanding of the true benefits and true risks of the three US-approved COVID-19 vaccines. The vaccine provides 24/7 protection. Wearing mask and 6-foot social distancing 24/7 is not possible.

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  • Combatting medical misinformation

Your vaccine is waiting for you and it is free. If you get infected with the delta variant, the most important determinant if you will live or die is your vaccination status.  About 99.5% of those who die are unvaccinated. The lambda variant is ravaging Brazil - more eligible Americans need to be vaccinated to prevent  this variant from getting a foothold in the US.

Click here to watch a short video.

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The COVID-19 epidemic has shown the speed and power of social media in spreading inaccurate information and fake news. We provide patient mentoring during their visits. Our websites also provide reliable information. We are now trying to harness of power of You Tube to fight medical misinformation.

Click here to watch a short video.

Clinical Cardiology

When a 40 or 50 year old patient comes in for heart attack prevention, the initial evaluation involves clinical cardiology expertise. 

Preventive Cardiology

After or during the initial evaluation, preventive cardiology expertise determines how most accurately determine the risk for cardiovascular events  within the next 5 to 10 years.

Advanced Lipid Clinic

Once the severity of risk is known, medical therapy is optimized to the level of risk. Advanced lipid therapy is the foundation of prevention in high risk patients.

Stop Your Heart Attack Before It Happens

Taking care of your cardiac health

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