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End Pandemic NOW

When it is your turn, get your booster dose.
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Your vaccine is waiting for you and it is free. If you get infected with the delta variant, the most important determinant if you will live or die is your vaccination status.  About 99.5% of those who die are unvaccinated. The lambda variant is ravaging Brazil - more eligible Americans need to be vaccinated to prevent  this even more virulent variant from getting a foothold in the US.

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For the 160 million Americans who have decided to get the best possible protection against COVID-19 delta variant for themselves, their children and their community, you will need a booster shot 8 months after the second dose of Moderna or Pfizer vaccine. The reason for this is to maximize your protection against the delta variant.


My second dose was in January. I plan to get my Moderna booster dose in September.

This is an old You Tube video that I published in January 2021. I just got my second dose my Moderna vaccine at that time. And that was before the delta variant.


The few patients that got COVID - fully recovered and all were unvaccinated. Why?

1. "The vaccines are still experimental."

These vaccine received an emergency use authorization (EUA) and are not experimental. So much is known about these vaccines - the composition and how each works. And over 150 million Americans have received them proving high efficacy and safety. Experimental is what former Pres. Trump suggested - IV injection of antiseptic and total inside body exposure to ultraviolet light.

2. "This virus is man-made in Wuhan lab." 

We don't yet for sure about its origin. But the virus is real and you need to get vaccinated." 

3. "There is a nanochip in the vaccine."

NO. There is none. Is your source an expert in the field? Why is that even believable? It is very absurd.

4. "I am a Trump Republican."

COVID-19 is a medical problem, not a political issue - it requires a medical solution. The virus has no preference - kills both Democrats and Republicans. 

5. "I want to wait longer."

That is why you got infected. Get your vaccine after 3 months.

6. "I never got flu vaccine. And I never got the flu."

This is not flu. This is COVID delta - more contagious and potentially deadly. 600,000 already dead, Over 99.5% of those who died were unvaccinated.

Clinical Cardiology

When a 40 or 50 year old patient comes in for heart attack prevention, the initial evaluation involves clinical cardiology expertise. 

Preventive Cardiology

After the initial evaluation, preventive cardiology expertise determines how most accurately determine the risk for cardiovascular events  within the next 5 to 10 years.

Advanced Lipid Clinic

Once the severity of risk is known, medical therapy is optimized to the level of risk. Advanced lipid therapy is the foundation of prevention in high risk patients.

Stop Your Heart Attack Before It Happens

Taking care of your cardiac health

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